About Us

The origin of the church began during the ante-bellum south and was established in 1851 under the guidance of Rev. Tony Jones. The congregation was racially mixed until 1865- the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.
From its initial existence to the present date, the church has had a total of only twelve pastors. The former pastors were Reverend Tony Jones, Revered Belk Lindsay, Reverend Williams Lindsay, Reverend Perry Thompson, Reverend Scott Jones, Reverend Dennis Glenn, Reverend W.H. Seiglar, Reverend H.W.D. Stewart, Reverend A.T. Lomax, Dr. W.B. Hawks, Dr. M.P. Robertson, and our present pastor Reverend Dr. Ronnie Williams..
Generostee has grown from a modest little one-room church to the flourishing edifice it is today. This growth rate is due to the great leaders and the devoted members that God has blessed the church with. Two of our previous pastors and our present pastor have spearheaded a number of the improvements here. Dr. W.B. Hawks, our tenth pastor, served for twenty-five years (1962-1987) until his death on February 21, 1987. Under his leadership we experienced a number of achievements: 399 members were added to the church; seven ministers were ordained and twenty auxiliaries were formed.
Dr. M.P. Robertson, the interim pastor from 1987 to January 1988 also assisted and made substantial contributions to the church. Reverend Michael Sullivan was ordained on June 14, 1987 and thirteen new members were added; also, under Dr. Robinson’s leadership and guidance, the Reverend Stephon Gilliard delivered his trial sermon on November 8, 1987.
Our present pastor, Reverend Dr. Ronnie Williams’ blessed and strong leadership is in keeping with the tradition of the leadership that the church has now through the years. Revered Williams began his pastoral duties on January 31, 1988. With his guidance and devotion the church has grown y leaps and bounds. Some of the achievements under Rev. Williams include a tape ministry, church parsonage, church van, piano, and organ, and a first aide room. Hundreds of members have been added to the church and to accommodate this new growth, the present sanctuary was remodeled in 1992 (and God blessed us to pay off this debt and burn the mortgage in 1999). Many members have been called into the ministry under Pastor Williams’ leadership; Roger Rivers, Harris Clark, Harry Humphrey, Betty Humphrey, James Hopkins, Susie Davis, Virginia Jenkins, Horace Alexander Jr., Janice Butler, Leopold Butler, the late Cliff Tomas, James Scott, Felicia Speed, Fyead Galloway, Scottie Gaines, Edgar Scott, Vanessa Brownlee, Nicole Scotland, Spantammie Martin, Lesia Patterson, Brad Knox, Robert Harland, Johnny Scotland, John Edwards, Whitney Bell and Eric Bell. Other Ministers that have joined the church are Rev. James Henderson and the late Rev. Connis Gleaton. Rev. John Edwards was made Assistant Pastor of Generostee Baptist Church.
We thank God for our past and present pastors, but we know that the foundation of our church is the members. Our church has been blessed with some of the most devoted, loving and caring people. A number of our members have made generous contributions to the church, and a large percentage of our members make the ultimate contribution; a contribution that cannot be conveyed or captured on paper- their time. A number of our members devote time and service to this church, and we cannot thank them enough, for they are truly one of the main reasons for the church’s continuous growth.
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